Best Rods on the Planet

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I'm glad to be on the Orange Team. This is my second year with Carrot Stix and extremely happy to be back.  Carrot Stix is an awesome company with great customer service. With everything from question to order and purchase.  They are quick with responses and will get you in touch with the person that you need to talk with to answer all you question.
  Since I have been fishing with Carrot Stix rods it has helped my fishing because of the sensitivity, the strength and how light the rods are.  I currently got three new rods and they are just as amazing.  First was the Wild Wild Green 7' Medium Heavy Fast.  I use this rod for a light Texas rig it works amazing has plenty of back bone and sensitivity.  Since I have received this rod I have caught a lot of fish on it.  I have pulled them from some pretty thick lay down and grass and had no problems. This rod also looks really good in your hands and get a lot of looks and question on and off the water.
  The second rod was a Wild Wild Orange Medium Heavy Fast.  I use this rod for my top water rod.  It works great for this it has a fast tip which makes it great for walking any type of top water but soft enough for when they crush your bait it doesn't rip the bait out of its mouth.  I live in Louisiana so I use a frog a lot and catch a lot on it works amazing.  I can take this frog and with the tip on this rod I can make the frog pretty much walk in place keeping it in the strike zone for as long as possible to increase the amount of fish I catch.
  The third rod was a Wild Wild Black 7' Medium Fast.  I use this rod for a few things I use it for a jerkbait, swimbait, and wacky rig.  I use this rod a lot and have caught a really lot on this rod.  I mainly use it for a wacky rig with a Senko with this light rig it allows me to throw it a long ways.  Its sensitivity allows me to feel the bite even with some slack in my line because of the slow fall rate of a wacky rig.  I recently used it for a jerkbait and caught a few fish on a really slow day and it preformed without any flaws.  It also helped that this rod is really light because jerking a jerkbait can be hard on your arms and the lightness of this rod allowed me to throw the jerkbait all day.  I started throwing the swimbait at schooling fish it worked great.  I used it to get the fish activated i was throwing and letting it sink to the bottom and then slow roll it in when i would catch on the school would activate again and start hitting bait fish at the surface so we could follow the school.  This was also producing bigger fish than the ones that were blowing up on shad at the surface.
  I can't wait to get back on the water with my rods again. I would recommend if you are looking for some amazing light sensitive and strong rods to get a Carrot Stix.  All of the rods are amazing no matter what kind of fishing you do I highly recommend Carrot Stix.