Best Rods for Walleye

Best Rods for Walleye
Walleye Galore!
Had the chance to go out fishing with some good friends over the weekend and target some walleye. It was a crazy dark night so most of the pictures didn't really turn out but it was an amazing night of fishing!
We fished from sunset until just before midnight and in that time we actually lost track of the number of fish we caught. It was non stop double headers and all were really nice sized fish. the majority were in that 28-29" range with two fish that broke the 30" and 31" mark.
My Carrot Stix wild wild black was incredible as always and helped me feel every little hint of a bite. It provides you with the greatest fishing experience you could ask for. I couldn't go back to fishing with anything else now after using it.
Well maybe a wild wild green ;)
best rods for walleye
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7 years ago
Great story! Thank you for sharing it with us.