Best Rods for Redfish

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Best Rods for Redfish
The ultimate Redfish Rod!
I've been using Carrot Stix rods for many years. I've also tried many other rods in the process. Redfish are an unmatched fight when  fishing in so many different variables. Whether it be oyster bars, rock piles, dock pilings, heavy grass, and skinny shallow creeks things can get very difficult without the right gear. Carrot Stix rods are my go-to rods on tournament day. They are lightweight, durable, sensitive, and even more important, they are the right rod for every application.
My personal favorite is the wild wild green 7'6" med-fast spinning rod. This rod has everything you need! The length gives you the ability  to make very long casts, most redfisherman know how important this is when sneaking up on a school. Once you make that long cast it has the sensitivity to feel the bite (you can actually feel the fish slurp it into their mouth!). As most of us know once that fish eats your lure it is extremely important to get a good hook set. These rods have plenty of backbone  get the best hook set possible. Once you hook a fish you are in control with this rod! Whether it be grass, oysters, or docks these rods are fit for the job! 
best rods for redfish
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