Best Football Jig Rod

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Best Football Jig Rod
Best Football Jig Rod
"Football Jiggin'" 
I've got a Carrot Stix rod for just about every application but this fish was caught on my football jig rod.  The CTI731MH-F-C is the perfect rod for a football head.  The combination of length and medium-heavy backbone work hand in hand to take up a lot of line and have the power to set the heavy gauge hooks typical of big jigs.  I'd have to say this is one if not my very favorite rod.  I caught this fish dragging a 3/4oz football head across and underwater ledge point.  If it weren't for the high sensitivity I don't think I would have felt the bite.  Thanks to my Carrot Stix I stuck this fall chunk.  (4lb-2oz)
best football jig rod
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great picture
Carrot Stix
2 years ago
Yes the CTI731MH-F-C is the perfect rod for throwing football head jigs, it's my personal favorite for that technique.
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2 years ago
Thanks. It's not the biggest fish but she did hit it like a freight train.
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2 years ago
What a catch!