Best Fishing Rods Review

Best Fishing Rods Review
Best Fishing Rods Review
Great Rods!
I really can't say enough about the Wild Series rods.  I have used many other brands with much higher price tags but these rods are really just as good or if not better in my opinion. 
I was able to put both the Wild Orange and Wild Black series rods to the test over the past few weeks.  The sensitivity on these rods is great and not too mention they are very balanced.
I caught most of my fish on the C2WX701M-M-C throwing a weightless senko and was able to pull the fish out of fairly heavy cover without a problem. 
One other rod that I was very impressed with was the C2WZ761XXH-F-C 7'6" Wild Wild Black. 
I was amazed how light and sensitive it was for being 7'6" rod.  I had a1/2 oz jig tied on it most of the day and could feel the bottom very well. 
The casting accuracy was very accurate with the Microwave guides and I was put pitch the jig on target almost every time. If anyone is looking to switch rod brands give CarrotStix a try.
The C2WX701M-M-C
Best casting rods by carrotstix
The C2WZ761XXH-F-C 7'6
best fishing rods reviews
best fishing rods reviews
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Great picture! Thank you for sharing your review with us