Best Fishing Rods 2017

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Best Fishing Rods 2017
Best Fishing Rods 2017
First Time Out
Received my Carrot Stix rods the other day so I had to go and try them out. OMG!!
These rods are the bomb. We were Walleye fishing and man can you feel every single twitch. You can almost map out the lake bottom from their sensitivity.
Sometimes I had to check to see if they were still in my hands because they are so light.
You could fish all day and not get tired of holding them. The quality of these rods is unmatchable, Carot Stix rods will be a staple in my boat and on my guided trips.
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8 months ago
Nice! We're so glad that you're happy with your new rods, thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback.