Best Fishing Reels Reviews

Best Fishing Reels Reviews
Best Fishing Reels Reviews
2 Speed Spinning Reels, More then 2 Advantages!
     "Opening the box, these reels are extremely smooth. They come with a second spool for quick line changes, always a plus and time saver when on the water, real oil, and a cloth bag to keep the reel in when its not on a rod. Once your all spooled up and on the water your going to find more and more ways having 2 speeds is a major advantage.
     First thing I liked is when I am in deep water and jigging I can reel in a lot faster to rebait, change lure, or whatever the case maybe but it saves time, and time is everything in tournaments. The second thing I started to notice is you can change presentation by the turn of a switch. If the fish started out liking a slow presentation in the morning and switch over to being more aggressive you can switch from the 4.7 ratio to the 6.7 ratio without changing what your doing. I fish mainly for walleye and the third thing I have began to like is if your set on the 6.7 ratio and you hook into a nice walleye slow and steady is key. After you set the hook you can flip it into the lower gear ratio and work your fish = less pressure to real and less of a chance of ripping the hook out of the fishes mouth.
     I'm sure I will find more things that having 2 speeds will benefit and I'm sure others have found more benefits also but there are definitely no con's that I can find."
best fishing reels reviews
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7 years ago
Awesome picture and thank you for sharing your review with us!