Baitcast Reels 2016

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The New Carrot Stix Baitcast Reels for 2016!
There are two Baitcast reels being offered:
- One with 6 ball bearings and the other with 11.
- They weigh 7.2 oz. and 7.6 oz.
- Stainless Steel ball bearings double shielded with a carbon fiber seal
- Dual cast control with both magnetic and centrifugal control for line braking
- Solid formed Graphite body for both lightness and corrosion free care.
- Titanium line guide for durability
- Dual speed retrieve, very the retrieve speed per turn using either handle
- Included Additional dual handle with each reel
- Optional change of retrieval speed for the angler based on type of fishing
baitcast reels 2016
Level 7 (XP: 2900)
Level 8 (XP: 3050)
pretty sweet!
Level 3 (XP: 950)
last year
OMG I am in luv with this product can't wait to try it out.