Awesome Fishing Rods

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Awesome Fishing Rods
"Carrot Stix Rods Out Performing Any Other Rod - Pushing The Limits Of Fishing Rods"
I remember using the old Carrot Stix and enjoyed them.. Then they went haywire. 
Then along comes Jimmy and Carrot Stix and after talking with Jimmy and Mark I tried a couple Wild Wild Orange Rods. 
Like the  7 ft.  C2WX-MWG-701-M-C  And also the 7ft. C2WX-MWG-701M-MF-S  They have out performed any other rod I have ever used. 
I went out and decided to push these rods to the limit and I as of yet have not found their limit.  I have laned 5lb bass and 14lb flathead cats who hit my spinner baits and rod lifted ( not swing them up) but rod lifted them 4 ft up to my boat dock without any problem at all.
I have Used the Spinning rod to skip frogs in lilly pads and have left the bass get a good hold and get into the pads really good before even trying to bring them out.  All I can say is AWESOME RODS.
I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Carrot Stix.
awesome fishing rods
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Carrot Stix
2 years ago
Thank you for your support, and FISH ON!