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Wild Wild Black w/ Microwave Guides
CarrotStixs Wild Wild Black feat. the Microwave Guides has been the highlight of my rods and my first year fishing with Carrot Stix.
  Many times people go to purchase a new rod and usually go for lightweight designs, durability, and usually stick to companies that they have known and trust for years. This is not a bad thing to go on as experience usually tells all, especially when it comes too getting new equipment. This year I was fortunate enough too break that habit and test and use some newer technology using the Carrot Stix WILD WILD BLACK 1 piece rod with the Microwave Guides.
  First off this rod is extremely lightweight, and durable, I fish often out of a canoe/kayak, and my rods tend too unintentionally take some abuse. In the past this abuse has often led too rods being damaged/broken. I prefer the 7' rods for canoe as you're often sitting and not standing, and it is just that added length too make up for while you're sitting, not too mention while trolling in a canoe it leaves your line out just far enough so that you're able too continue too paddle without your line getting tangled up. Keep these two points in mind as you read further.
  While I know many rods have different POWER and ACTION's, and personally this is usually a personal preference and dependent on what you want too fish and how you want too fish. The Carrot Stix Wild Wild Black series tends too cover most of the basis for this as their are many options and sizes available too suit your personal fishing needs.
  The durability, strength and weight of these rods are extremely balanced and their are no compromises too make one of the three major categories feel or be less than the other. You're getting a lightweight rod that is in fact durable and strong, without feeling flimsy or cheap.
  The Guide systems available for these rods are the Air Wave Micro Guides, or the Ultra Glide MicroGuides. Both systems are fantastic features too these rods. The guides tend too pull your line close and in line immediately from your reel, resulting in better, accurate, and further cast. While allowing you too stay in complete control of the rod and cast extremely import in bringing in your next big fish! I have included pictures for you too compare what conventional guides do too your line while the reel is at its lowest point of your retrieve and its highest (closest too your hand). too see how much more in-line the guides make your Line, the sensitivity of the rod is enhanced by this allowing you too feel more and time your hook set allowing for more fish landed! 
  I have done a side by side shot as well so you can see the classic line guides in comparison too the Ultra Glide MicroGuides included in your next Carrot Stix rod. 
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Another solid post. Thanks alot Justin!